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In which cases is Mesotherapy performed?

In which cases is Mesotherapy performed?

Mesotherapy is a cosmetic dermatological treatment method that is performed to eliminate the effects of aging on the skin and stands out with its successful results. With mesotherapy applied to the face, neck, décolleté area, hands and scalp, natural substances such as vitamins, amino acids, mineral salts, coenzyme and hyaluronic acid are injected into the skin, thereby renewing the skin.


How is mesotherapy done?

Mesotherapy was founded in 1952 by Dr. It is the middle skin treatment applied for the first time by Michel Pistor and performed for aesthetic purposes today. It is carried out by injecting homeopathy and pharmaceutical agents, vitamins and plant extracts into the middle skin. The logic of mesotherapy is perceived as direct transportation from the producer to the consumer. Substances taken orally for the body and skin are used by other tissues and organs where necessary, and reach the skin by decreasing. In mesotherapy, the substance is treated directly on the skin. Substances to be injected are tailored to suit the person and purpose.

In which cases is mesotherapy performed?

Since mesotherapy is performed to eliminate the effects of aging, anyone who suffers from wrinkling, sagging and discoloration on their skin and suffers from hair loss can have this procedure done. It would never be right to only do it under the age of 20.

The skin renews itself by regularly producing the vitamins, minerals and amino acids it needs until a certain age. Since the body does not produce these substances after a certain age, the skin does not regenerate and the aging process begins. When hyaluronic acid, collagen and elastin, which are the basic building blocks of the skin, are deficient in the body due to age; It does not provide flexibility, color and shine. As the skin ages, it is seen that the pigment cells begin to become stained and lose water. Dehydrated and dry skin type occurs in very old skin. It is natural for dry skin to begin to wrinkle with wear and tear. In order to get rid of this situation, the procedures performed to treat skin cells are called mesotherapy.



Cellulite treatment
In hair loss
Scar revision (healing of nebbe tissues in the skin)
In facial rejuvenation
It is used in local (regional) lubrication.

Advantages of mesotherapy

Various methods are being evaluated to stop aging in anti-aging applications. The purpose of mesotherapy is to treat the skin cells and perform the regeneration process. Mesotherapy is a treatment method to re-synthesize and regenerate the protein structures under the skin. In mesotherapy applications, it is seen that hyaluronic acid and amino acids (glycine, proline, lysine, leucine, alanine and valine) are injected into the middle dermis layer under the skin. Due to the lack of amino acids in the body, the skin loses its elasticity, and sagging and wrinkles appear due to age.

After the procedure, you should know that since collagen production will accelerate, wrinkles and sagging on the skin are recovered and the skin appears brighter. Amino acids, which are the building blocks of proteins, make up 20% of the body’s total weight. It is seen that amino acids play an important role in all structures and functions in the human body.



Mesotherapy procedure application


In the mesotherapy process, the substances suitable for the needs of the person are applied to the skin by injection. The needles used are quite thin and appear to be compatible with the skin.

Before the application, the face is anesthetized with an anesthetic cream, thus reducing the feeling of pain and suffering.

Does mesotherapy harm our body?

No significant side effects have been observed in the applications performed to date. But before doing mesotherapy, it is absolutely essential to analyze the skin well. If there is a skin allergy that may occur as a result of the immune system being triggered by an allergen, it would be correct not to do such applications. It is possible to experience short-term bruising and redness as the needle is used only in the application.

How many types of mesotherapy are there?

Hair mesotherapy is the process of injecting vitamins, minerals, amino acids, capillary circulation accelerating drugs and organic materials that feed the epithelial tissue into the middle layer of the skin with stem cell treatments. After this process, the hair follicles are both nourished and the tissue to which the roots are attached is repaired and renewed. In recent years, many studies in Europe and America have changed the content of hair mesotherapy and it is seen that supportive treatments have emerged.,


Facial mesotherapy, that is, mesolift, is seen as the first signs of aging of the skin on the face, the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and loss of elasticity in the skin. For this reason, wrinkles deepen and the skin sags. In the mesolifting process, tissue regeneration is performed in the upper and lower layers of the skin by micro-injection of natural substances into the skin.

It is seen that the mixtures of substances used in mesolift affect the metabolism of the skin. In mesolifting treatment, more collagen is formed by giving substances that are very important for the skin. In addition, the quality of elastin increases and the structure of the skin is strengthened. Due to the increased oxygenation, your skin will look healthy, bright and refreshed within weeks. Some drugs are applied in facial mesotherapy.


hyaluronic acid
amino acids
mineral salts
nucleic acids
DMAE (Dimethyl amino ethanol)

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