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Breast Reduction Aesthetics


Breast Reduction Aesthetics

Excessive breasts in women can cause serious physical problems and psychological discomfort. In addition to the limitation of mobility; It can cause health problems such as impaired posture, back and neck pain, wounds under the nipples, collapse in the shoulders, sweating due to sweating under the breast and spinal deformities in the long term.
Also, large breasts tend to sag under the influence of gravity. For these reasons, breast reduction surgeries are functional as well as aesthetic. Performing breast reduction aesthetics at an early age after adolescence may be useful both physically and psychologically.
In today's technology, surgical techniques have been developed that leave a little scar on the skin and maintain breastfeeding function of the breast. In this surgery, the breasts are shrunk in proportion to the body of the person and the nipples are moved to where they should be.
The fact that the breast tissue is larger than the body structure restricts the person in many ways. Large and saggy breasts make the person appear older and fatter, as well as prevent a fit look. Usually, the large breast is accompanied by nipple sagging.
The main goal of breast reduction aesthetics is to eliminate breast sagging and breast reduction. The design that will be made for the patient prior to the operation is very important. Here, it is important for the patient to want the appearance of the décolleté, what size breast he wants.

Return to normal life after surgery and surgery

In aesthetic breast reduction surgery;
The larger breast tissue is reshaped according to the size of the person;
Excess breast tissue and skin on it are removed;
The nipple is moved to where it should be.
The surgery, performed under general anesthesia in hospital conditions and operating room, takes approximately 2.5 to 4 hours.
The patient can return to work after 1 week. It is recommended to stay away from heavy sports for 3 months. Aesthetic breast reduction surgery is an operation that improves the mental health of the person in general, gives a good and lasting result, makes the person more connected to life, and especially facilitates the dressing style of the woman. The newly shaped nozzle is durable for a long time. However, after the operation, factors such as weight changes, gravity, pregnancy, breastfeeding may cause increased volume and sag in the breast.
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