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Pediatric Dentistry

Pediatric Dentistry
Dentistry in children

Pedodontics means child dentistry. Dentistry in children is very important for their permanent teeth and smooth jaw problems in their future lives.
Milk teeth are very important in meeting needs such as nutrition and speech in children. It is also very important in protecting the regions of future teeth.
Regular contacts between adjacent tooth edges can be lost and teeth can move due to milk teeth lost or damaged due to caries.
This movement and displacement cause permanent teeth that need to be replaced to create closing disorders in different positions.
Problems that can be solved with simple measures or treatments; can lead to complex and difficult expensive treatment requirements that require longer periods.

The importance of dentistry in children

Also, jaw growth and development of children and their relationship between the jaws should be followed through dentist controls.
As a result of detecting the anomaly, intervention is very important before the child's growth development ends.
Failure to start treatment with negligence or unnoticed problems during these periods may have irreversible consequences. As a result, patients may experience both physical and psychological problems in their future lives.
Almost all treatments in adults can be applied in children. Sometimes the treatment needs are met with the same treatment as adult teeth and sometimes adapted specifically for milk teeth.
It should not be forgotten that the hard layers of the milk teeth are softer, thin and the tissues (pulp; connective tissue or pulp consisting of vessels and nerves) have a larger volume.
This difference may result in caries reaching the living layer even faster, the formation of an abscess, and the permanent teeth underlying with structural disorders. Therefore, timing is very valuable in milk tooth treatments.
Oral hygiene is very important for the prevention of gingivitis and periodontitis in advanced cases (inflammation of all support around the teeth, bone and connective tissues). It should be brushed after meals at least twice a day. Brushing should be done as recommended by the dentist. Using dental floss once a day is a must for oral care. The important thing is physical cleaning.

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