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Teeth whitening


Teeth whitening

People who are dissatisfied with their tooth color may feel the need to hide their teeth in their daily lives. Coloring on the teeth creates aesthetic problems. Because white-looking teeth are associated with beauty and health, it provides a serious increase in self-confidence. It makes the person feel more comfortable and happy in the business and social environment.

Teeth whitening according to what factors?

Colors that cannot be removed by brushing teeth or cleaning teeth can be removed with a tooth whitening treatment. It does not respond to any kind of bleaching treatment. The doctor decides whether there is a need for a different treatment other than bleaching. The level of whitening to be achieved after bleaching treatment can vary from person to person. Not everyone's tooth structure and tooth color are the same, and the whiteness to be obtained as a result of whitening treatment may not be the same.
The discoloration caused by the plaque and tartar accumulated in the tooth can be removed by cleaning the calculus, but the structural colorations that have penetrated the tooth cannot be removed by cleaning. Structural colorations can occur due to genetics, age, use of certain medications, habits, diet, and physical factors that lead to tooth enamel wear.

How many types of teeth whitening methods are there?

Bleaching treatment can be applied either by the physician or by the patient on their own or in combination.

How is tooth whitening treatment done?

The whitening process can be applied in a shorter time under the control of a physician in the clinic. It is done with the help of whitening materials applied to the teeth and special light sources that accelerate whitening. Whitening by the patient can be applied at home with the help of plaques produced in the laboratory according to the measurements taken from the patient's mouth. For safety reasons, it requires a longer time because less bleaching material is used and the amount of bleaching may be lower.
Whitening treatments are treatments that do not require an abrasion or permanent change on the tooth. Whitening material is completely cleaned from the teeth at the end of the treatment. Avoiding certain foods and habits that cause coloration in the treatment process greatly affects the success of the treatment. At the end of the treatment, as a result of careful attention to the oral hygiene and disruption of the controls, whitening treatment will be more successful and long-lasting.

What should be considered after the dental botox application?

After the application, the application area should not be touched and should not be exposed to the sun directly. Also, ice application to the region will prevent bruises that may occur.

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