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Laminated and Porcelain Crowns


Laminated and Porcelain Crowns

There are many ways to eliminate distortions, deformities, interdental spaces, and coloration in the teeth. The most preferred of these are aesthetic crowns.
Crown applications for aesthetic purposes are separated in terms of application among themselves, either fully or in sections. Porcelain laminate applications are the most preferred among segmented crown applications.

Porcelain Laminated Applications

The basic principle in these applications is to protect the dental tissue by making minimum abrasion only on the outer surfaces of the teeth.
It is more suitable to use in cases where aesthetic expectations are prominent. Especially they are preferred more in the front region teeth without chewing pressure.
The main reason for their preference is that they do not have sufficient resistance to high chewing forces due to their application. Since the material used in this method is ceramic, they have very good resistance to abrasion and color change, but their compression resistance is low since they have a very thin structure covering only the outer surface.
This restricts their use in molar teeth. If the teeth in the anterior region, the closing positions of the teeth and the angles of the teeth are suitable, very good results can be obtained in aesthetic treatments.

Aesthetic full crowns

Aesthetic full crowns are prosthetic applications that surround the tooth. There are no alternatives in areas with high chewing pressures or in cases where excessive tissue needs to be removed from the tooth. Different materials can be preferred in such crowns.
Full crowns can be produced with zirconium supported, metal-supported, or full ceramic (unsupported). While deciding on the material to be used before treatment; the expectations of the patient, the position of the tooth in the mouth, and the compatibility of the material with the body tissues of the patient are taken into consideration.

Metal Supported Crowns

Metal supported crowns are more preferred in molar teeth in the back regions. They are very successful in bridges applied in long gaps to replace missing teeth. They are durable and resistant to chewing forces. Since they have no light transmittance, their aesthetic success is lower.
Zirconium crowns are very successful both in terms of aesthetics and durability. For this reason, they are preferred more in molar teeth and anterior region for aesthetic purposes. Since their light transmittance is quite high, they mimic the natural tooth texture better.
In this way, both natural and satisfying results are obtained. Color and texture harmonies are very good. They can be used in patients with metal allergies. This is an important factor in their preference.

All ceramic (unsupported) crowns

The full ceramic, ie unsupported crowns, give the closest result to the real tooth enamel, as there is no support layer underneath them.
Their aesthetic success is very high. They are not suitable for bridge construction. Therefore, they are more useful for aesthetic or single tone restorations in the anterior region rather than missing tooth restorations. Its natural appearance, texture harmony and color success are very high.
All of these treatments require many laboratory stages. The most attractive part of this practice is that patients return home with temporary quotes, where they can continue their daily activities in the usual course of time between appointments.

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