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About Us

The center, which opened in March 2019, the Pearl of the Sea World and decent places in the area where it meets the blue of the sea and Sky, blue is located between these two, fragile texture and aesthetic stance “with gleam like the Pearl, Pearl is figuring out the supply.

It combines the freshness of the sea and sky, the unique beauty of Istanbul, the universality of the stars and the warm smile of the sun with the corporate color “turquoise”, which is the color that combines the emerald green of the yellow sun with the blue.

In the immediate vicinity of the airport and the subway ease of domestic and international transportation, and security in the area of the site, five-stars hotel with comfortable accommodation and high quality standards in the same garden “hair restoration and aesthetic applications” in international reference with the approach aims to be a pioneer.

It offers the opportunity to benefit from health services by inhaling an air abundant in oxygen in an environment greeted by trees stretching along the road, feeling all the beauty of the city of Istanbul with your soul - living in a place that is noiseless, calm, aesthetic and integrated with a sense of beauty.

It aims to be one of the best hospitals in the sector with its high-standard technological applications, quality-oriented and “smiling service” policy that touches the human heart first. Providing health services to our patients in line with ethical principles with bio-psycho-socially holistic and correct communication approaches, “adding value to science and art with aesthetics and Decency philosophy” are among our priority values.

Our hospital, which continues its services with the awareness that it is the right of every person to be healthy and to live in a healthy environment, owes being the first private hospital that comes to mind to the vision of protecting patient rights, meeting the expectations of patients in a quality and effective way and to the understanding of “health for all”.

As ReferenceAesthetic, we exist to offer you all the health services we offer with enthusiasm and dedication, without compromising the principles of medical ethics, using the latest technology, diagnostic and treatment methods, environmently friendly, respecting patient rights, prioritizing patient and employee safety.

For your health, we are at your service 24/7 with our experienced and expert physician staff equipped with modern and technological medical facilities and experienced health workers.

We are constantly renewing our equipment and medical devices by closely monitoring the rapidly changing and developing modern medical world.

We are full of pride in offering the possibilities of modern technology to our patients and physicians so that they can make healthier diagnosis and treatment.

Our main goal is to serve you, our patients and our guest physicians in the warmth and comfort of a family environment. We wish you all a healthy life in the determination not to defect in respecting the rights of patients..

Our center is among the most popular places in the healthcare institutions with its spacious, modern design and aesthetic design. Each block consisting of two floors and two separate Phase 1 300 square meters, a total of 6000 square meters with 2 serves as the epicenter of Turkey's largest plastic surgery, including Stage 3000 square meters. Apart from 25 hair transplantation rooms, 2 operating rooms, 8 observation, and patient care rooms, medical aesthetics and hair transplantation applications, stomach botox application, Oral and Dental Health Unit, Maxillofacial Surgery Branches, Plastic Surgery and Reconstruction, Emergency Services, Nutrition and Dietetics, It includes the branches of Anesthesiology and Reanimation, Internal Medicine and Medical Laboratory, Medical Imaging, Central Sterilization Unit. It provides international service in 10 different languages with its call center for 30 people.

Our Applications:

Hair Transplant
Beard / Eyebrow / Eyelash Transplant
Breast Augmentation Aesthetics
Leg Aesthetics
Genital Aesthetics
Face Lift Aesthetics
Ear Aesthetics
Under-Eye Light Filling
Stomach Botox
Breast Reduction
Arm Lift
Hand Aesthetics
Cheek aesthetics (Bishectomy)
Eyebrow Aesthetics
Chin Filler
Filling Applications
Stem Cell therapy
Laser applications
Nutrition and Diet
Nose Aesthetics
Breast Lift and Lift
Tummy Tuck
Butt Aesthetics
Neck Lift
Eyelid Aesthetic
Jaw Tip aesthetics
Lip filler
Cheek filling
Oral and Dental Health and Maxillofacial Surgery
Our Vision
To be a health institution that provides quality health services that are "integrated with the sense of aesthetics" in the light of scientific knowledge and human values, which is accepted as a reference in our country and in the world, by supporting its innovative approaches with scientific studies. To be an internationally recognized, world-class health institution that follows and pioneers contemporary innovations and is taken as an example by other health institutions. To create a chain of health institutions that provide the highest quality of equal care to all our patients in the country and abroad, where our patients feel safe and where all their expectations are met.
Our Mission
To be a leading institution providing international service with a health service policy that "touches the human heart first", supporting scientific knowledge with high standards of technological applications, in line with the principles of quality-oriented, ethical and holistic approach. To lead in the name of knowing and applying innovative, special and distinctive methods and approaches in hair transplantation and medical aesthetic applications in Turkey and in the world; To contribute to the international recognition of our country with our practices. To carry out scientific studies and educational activities that are accepted as references in the world in the field of health, with priority in hair transplantation and medical aesthetic applications. To provide high quality health services to patients from all segments of the society, to serve our country by creating job opportunities in the health sector, to ensure the continuous development of our personnel and to work happily in confidence.
Our Values
Ethical approach, Smiling service policy, Respect for human values, "People First"-centered approach, Quality-oriented, Holistic approach to our patients, Environmentalist approach, Doing your job with love and passion, Equitable and fair approach Equity: Service recipients receive only treatment without any other discrimination. and to benefit from equal rights according to their care needs and to guarantee these services by the institution. Timeliness: It is the delivery of diagnosis, treatment and care services within the most appropriate and acceptable time frame according to the needs of the patient. Compliance: It is to provide benefit without harming the health of the person in the medical procedures and processes that are decided to be carried out. Continuity: It is the continuity of medical services, chronologically interdisciplinary and after the completion of the treatment.