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The word aesthetics, which is frequently used in dentistry, represents the understanding of beauty. Beauty is not absolute and completely subjective. Beauty causes the emergence of positive emotions in humans. Thus, it helps to establish positive communication between people.
Aesthetic values in dentistry; it causes a positive perception during the reflection of the smile. The individual smiles when he is happy and positive thoughts arise in the face of the beauty created by this smile. In terms of teeth, gums and their effects, aesthetic perception generally depends on mathematical science. The golden ratio defined years ago is the most important phenomenon in the goal of looking beautiful.
Aesthetic dentistry is concerned with many areas such as how the teeth appear from the lip level, the ratio of the distance between the two eyes to the width of the tooth. Aesthetic dentistry may vary from person to person, although it is generally based on a set of foundations. We have many technological modeling and design abilities that the world today offers us to design for all these differences. To create the most suitable service profile, it is using technology and bringing together the appropriate conditions with our artistic aspect.
Dental is associated with aesthetic visual perception. In White Aesthetics; The color, surface properties, contour, the proportion, symmetry, and balance of the teeth and the whole face are important.
Today, it is not possible to take into account the aesthetics of the mouth, teeth, and gums in facial aesthetics. Aesthetic rules are focused on the front teeth area in all types of fixed, implant-supported and removable dentures. Three main elements for an attractive smile; teeth, gingival tissues, and lip position must be in harmony. The appearance and color of the soft tissues surrounding prosthetic restorations are as important as their shape.
For the preliminary preparations of the patients before the operation; Radiological and clinical examinations are performed, models are obtained from the measurements taken, and photographs are taken from every angle to make a smile design. After these procedures, the requests of the patient have listened and planning is made.


Son yıllarda dolgu ve botoks uygulamaları Gülüş tasarımının kaçınılmaz bir parçası olarak diş hekimliğine katılmıştır. Düzgün diş dizimlerinin dışında, simetrik dudak tasarımı , dolgun dudaklar, düzgün dudak, çene orantısı dolgu ve botoks sayesinde sağlanmaktadır.

Tıpta ve diş hekimliğinde botoks (dental botoks) çeşitli durumlarda tedavi ve kozmetik amaçlı kullanılır. Botoks kas kasılmasını belli bir süre bloke etmektedir. Sinirden gelen uyarı sonrasında kasın kasılması için salgılanan maddenin salınımını engelleyerek etki eder. Etkisi 6 ay kadar sürer ve geri dönüşümlüdür. Yani senede 2 kez uygulanabilir. Aynı zamanda ağrı kesici etkisi de bulunan botoksun bu etkisinden eklem rahatsızlığı olan hastalarda faydalanmaktadır.

Botoks özellikle çiğneme kaslarının aşırı kasılmasına bağlı çene yüz ağrıları, bruksizm, mimik kaslarının kozmetik olarak düzeltilmesi, çene eklemi bozuklukları, gummy smile , görünümünün düzeltilmesi ,kırışıklıkların düzeltilmesi ve yüz asimetrilerinin, ortodontik amaçlı cerrahiler sonrası kasların çekmesine bağlı nüksün önlenmesi ve aşırı terleme gibi tedavilerde kullanılır. Çene eklemine veya diş sıkmaya bağlı olan ağrıların giderilmesinde botoks yardımcı bir tedavi yöntemidir.

25-30 yaşlarında yaşlanma belirtileri başlamaktadır. 25 yaş ve üzerine botoks uygulanabilir. Genellikle 25 yaş altına botoks uygulaması gerekli olmayabilir. Çok derin kırışıklıkların tedavisinde botoks yeterli olmayabilir. Bu durumda deri altına uygulanan özel dolgular gerekebilir.

Diş botoksu uygulaması ağrılı mıdır, nasıl yapılır?

In recent years, filling and botox applications have been included in dentistry as an inevitable part of the smile design. Apart from the smooth tooth rows, symmetrical lip design is provided thanks to full lips, smooth lips, chin proportion filling and botox.
In medicine and dentistry, botox (dental botox) is used in various situations for treatment and cosmetic purposes. Botox blocks muscle contraction for a certain period. It acts by preventing the release of secreted substance for muscle contraction after stimulation from the nerve. Its effect lasts up to 6 months and is reversible. So it can be applied twice a year. It also benefits from this effect of botox, which has a pain-relieving effect, in patients with joint disorders.
Botox is especially used in treatments such as jaw facial pains due to excessive contraction of the chewing muscles, bruxism, the cosmetic correction of mimic muscles, jaw joint disorders, gummy smile, correction of wrinkles, prevention of recurrence due to pulling muscles after facial surgery for orthodontic purposes and excessive sweating... Botox is an auxiliary treatment method in the relief of pain associated with jaw joint or clenching.
Signs of aging begin at the ages of 25-30. Botox can be applied at the age of 25 and over. Generally, under 25, botox application may not be necessary. Botox may not be sufficient in the treatment of very deep wrinkles. In this case, special fillings may be required under the skin.

Is dental botox application painful, how is it done?

It is not a painful method. Application with an insulin injector takes 5-10 minutes in total. The effect starts to be seen from the third day. It reaches its highest level from the 2nd week onwards. Before the application, the region where the application will take place is marked with a white pencil and a photo is taken. It is noted what is done in practice and how much dose is used in which region. It is re-photographed after 2 weeks and compared to the first photo.

Who does not apply dental botox?

It should not be applied since there is not enough research on pregnant and lactating women. It is also necessary to take an allergy history. Allergic patients should be tested on another part of the skin. Botox should be applied as a result of the trial.

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