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Hair Transplantation with Fue Technique

The FUE Technique used in Hair Transplantation is the process of transferring the patient from the areas where the hair roots are dense to the rare areas. Tissues are removed with a sensitive tool and placed in the receiving areas. No line scars or sutures occur so that the donor area becomes noticeable within a few days.
Surgical blades are not used in this method. It is based on the method of removing hair follicles with a special needle. Removing the hair follicles individually reduced tissue damage compared to the old methods. Therefore, it is the primary method recommended in hair transplantation.
Therefore, it is the primary method recommended in hair transplantation. This method is often preferred by patients. Patients are quite satisfied with their hair after this method.
The structure, which includes two or three hair follicles and a small amount of skin tissue, is removed from the scalp with a sensitive tool and placed in areas where the hair is sparse

Where Should Hair Transplantation Be Made?

Hair transplant operations have become applicable to both men and women with the advancement of technology. One of the issues to be considered before deciding on hair transplant surgery is the quality and reliability of the selected hair transplant center.
Many factors affect the decision taken in hair transplant surgery. Hair transplant surgery is an operation that people want to have and hesitate. The biggest factor that ensures the correct decision is the correct selection of the hair transplant center.

Graft Calculation

It is a method of grafting that appears everywhere for people who want to have hair transplantation. Graft calculation is one of the basic elements required for hair transplantation. Pricing is determined by the number of grafts.
The graft does not mean hair follicles. It is the name of the area where there are some pieces of skin along with hair follicles. There are approximately 2-3 hairs per graft. For example, 2000 grafts are 4000-6000 hair follicles.
Before the hair transplantation, graft calculations are made by specialist doctors to determine how many grafts the person needs and the hairline is drawn. Afterward, a graft is taken from the donor area behind the head between the two ears to cover this amount and transferred to the bald areas.
The correct graft calculation depends on several factors. The number of grafts in the area to be grafted should be dependent on the adequacy of your donor area. Sufficient hair must be present in the donor area for a good hair transplantation

Recommendations Before and After Hair Transplantation

If the doctor's instructions before and after the operation are strictly followed, this process can be overcome without any problems. These instructions may be related to eating, drinking, smoking, not using certain vitamins and drugs. Careful compliance with these instructions allows the doctor to perform the surgery much easier.
If you smoke, it is very important to quit smoking a week or two before surgery. Smoking can block blood flow in the skin, thereby affecting the healing process of the wounds.

Suggestions After Hair Transplantation and Things to Follow

Sports activities accelerate the blood flow to the scalp, which can cause cuts to bleed. For this, it is recommended to stay away from exercises that require strength or sports that require contact for at least three weeks.
The doctor may need to examine the patient on the days after surgery to ensure that the treated areas have healed. In this examination, the patient should follow the recommendations given by the doctor completely.

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