Cheek filling


Cheek filling

In general understanding beauty, plump cheeks are known as the symbol of youth and attractiveness. Weak and sunken cheeks make the face look older and tired.

Who is Suitable for Cheek Filling?

Hereditary characteristics may have a cheek filling if there is a volume deficiency or volume loss in the cheek region caused by factors such as weight loss or aging. Also, if the person wants to have fuller cheeks, he can get a cheek filling.
In addition to all these, general health should be an inappropriate age range. Cheek filling with the filling injection technique provides a very practical and fast solution to aesthetic problems on the face.
Volume deficiencies in the patient's cheeks can be successfully treated with an operation that takes 15 minutes.
As the filling material, hyaluronic acid filling material, which is also found in the natural structure of the skin, is preferred.

How is cheek filling done?

After the injection phase in the cheek filling process, the surface of the cheek is balanced backward. The cheek area is raised and made a round shape.
The enlargement of the face angle is controlled and tightened. Cheek filling method is one of the most effective methods in aesthetic surgery to fill the cheek area and contouring the cheeks.
Cheek dermal filling material helps the face look young by pulling it up. The cavity in the eye is reduced, the shape of the nose is revealed, the forehead and chin dislocation are balanced.

What are the points to be considered in the cheek filling?

Slight edema or rash may occur on the face after the injection procedure in the cheek filling method. The rash passes within 1 to 2 hours. The edema will go away on its own within a day or two.
To prevent possible complications, the surgeon must be chosen first and the operation must be performed in a clinical setting.
With a successful cheek filling, the face can be made more aesthetic. Because cheekbones play an important role in facial beauty.
Well-defined cheeks provide the balance of the face, improve the appearance of the face from the profile and make the face look younger.

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Aslı Bozan
Aslı Bozan

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Müge Yılmaz

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