Butt Aesthetics


Butt Aesthetics

The definition of beauty and aesthetics changes from person to another. The perception of butt aesthetics is also different. The most important factors to be considered are the fact that the butt is sufficiently distinct, proportional to the body and hip, and that it is smooth and rounded. The butt is shaped using different techniques according to the person's needs.

Butt aesthetics with oil injection

In the Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) process, the fat cells taken from the hip, waist, abdomen and back region are purified and purified by liposuction method. It is injected into layers of different depths in the butt area in the form of micro drops.
The fat cells, which have the opportunity to eat and live in the injected area, act like the region they are taken from and increase the amount and volume of fat in the butt area.
In butt aesthetic surgeries, the fat shape can be made clearer by removing fat from the waist area. With this method, the person gets an ideal body appearance.
This method is one of the most important advantages of thinning in the fat removal area and providing the opportunity to get rid of unwanted fat accumulation in the waist and abdomen.
Another advantage of the fat removal method, which provides the balance of the passage in the waist and hip region, is that the oil injected into the butt area is long-term and safe with the use of one's tissue. In this method, where the surgical incision is not used, it is another advantage to be made with injection cannulas from the millimeter inlets.

Butt aesthetics made with silicone implants

Silicone implants, which are frequently preferred in hip augmentation surgeries, may be more permanent. The silicones used for butt aesthetic surgeries are similar to the silicone implants used in breast augmentation, but large differences can be seen in the form. They have been designed in such a way as to allow the proper shape to be obtained for the butt area.
Butt silicone implants can be placed in three different ways under the muscle, intramuscular and under the muscular membrane. Each method has its advantages. In this method, silicone implants are placed in the pocket formed inside the hip muscle.
In butt aesthetics made with silicone prostheses placed in the inner part of the muscle, it is a great advantage to cover the silicone prostheses by the large hip muscle. In this way, both silicones are not felt when touched, and silicone is prevented from making pain by pressing the deep structures in the hip region.
After the operation, patients can survive, walk or lie in a suitable position. Butt aesthetics postoperative recovery period is about 1 week. Patients should not sit on the butt for a long time for 1 week.

Butt enlargement with filling applications

Today, thanks to developing technology, aesthetic operations can be performed more comfortably and quickly. It is possible to be beautiful with different filling materials for almost every part of the body.
These filings are used to shape the butt area. It is possible to give the desired shape by enlarging the butt to the back or to the sides with the oil injection or filling combination. If the breasts are at the desired fullness, a rather curvy body can be obtained.

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