Breast Lift


Breast Lift

The healing process after the breast lift operation is quite comfortable by the patients. There is not much pain and swelling after the operation, with simple pain relievers, the patients disappear without feeling any pain and within 1 week.
Since aesthetic stitches, that is, self-melting stitches are used in the operation, stitching is not performed after the operation. It is a comfortable operation especially for our patients coming from abroad, they can return to their country and normal life in about 3-4 days.
Some points that patients should pay attention to are to stay away from heavy sports in the first month.
The effects of breast lift operations appear about a month later. After this period, the lower fold of the chest becomes a natural appearance and the desired appearance appears before the operation

Post-operative recovery period

Hair transplant operations have become applicable to both men and women with the advancement of technology. One of the issues to be considered before deciding on hair transplant surgery is the quality and reliability of the selected hair transplant center.
Many factors affect the decision taken in hair transplant surgery. Hair transplant surgery is an operation that people want to have and hesitate. The biggest factor that ensures the correct decision is the correct selection of the hair transplant center.

Our Patients' Comments

Aslı Bozan
Aslı Bozan

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Müge Yılmaz
Müge Yılmaz

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